Government representative Profile

Government representative Profile

Who am I?

Francine Civile 
Senior Advisor 
Ministry of Education, France

I work at the Ministry of Education in France. My organisation is the main authority on education within the country and part of the Government. I am responsible for policy and practice across children’s services and education, including schools, higher and further education, apprenticeships and wider skills.

Who are my fellow government representatives? 

Ministers/Secretaries (Vice/Under), Education, Planning and Development, Ambassadors, Trade Officers, Director General, Education Technology, Technology, Pedagogy, Vocational Education/Skills Development, Innovation, Science & Research Groups, Implementers, Regulators and Advisors

What are my current challenges?

  • Understanding the new reality for transnational education export in the aftermath of both Brexit and the pandemic
  • Forming partnerships with other ministries and aligning on common challenges, such as meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Understanding a variety of approaches to funding, policy development, non-profit organisations and cross-sector collaboration in other regions
  • Communicating national priorities and long-term strategies to education institutions quickly and effectively

How does Bett help me overcome my challenges?

  • By providing me with high-level networking opportunities with other Ministerial leaders from across the region on shared challenges and issues
  • By showcasing the latest thought leadership around education, technology and wellbeing from across the region
  • By providing a platform on which to present new ideas and strategies for overcoming common challenges faced by the education community
  • By connecting me with education experts, non-profit organisations, research institutions and industry partners

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What’s for me at Bett 2023?

  • A buzzing exhibition showcasing the latest developments in technology and new announcements from key industry partners
  • Connect @ Bett – the largest edtech meetings programme that helps the Bett community connect and collaborate via individual and group meetings
  • Dedicated networking spaces to engage with a hub of Ministers exploring the latest trends, opportunities and challenges in international education
  • A content programme showcasing high-profile speakers from a range of industries and backgrounds to explore the role of education in the context of wider socioeconomic development


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