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Thomas Van Cauwenberghe

Thomas Van Cauwenberghe

Station Chief, Edtech/station
Thomas Van Cauwenberghe is a dynamic opinion leader in the field of educational technology, currently serving as the Station Chief of EdTechStation. With a strong commitment to innovation and development for over 10 years, Thomas has been instrumental in bringing together businesses, researchers, schools and L&D departments to collaborate on new educational technologies.

Under his leadership, <edtech/station> has gathered a significant portion of the Belgian EdTech market, with over 350 active companies, 150 of which are now members receiving active support, information, and guidance. This initiative has fostered a collaborative environment where companies no longer operate in isolation but work together towards common goals.
This vision extends beyond Belgium. <edtech/station> has been organising national but also international events, inviting experts from various countries to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the EdTech landscape. These events have not only put Belgian EdTech on the global map but also facilitated the exchange of ideas and best practices across borders.

In addition to his role for <edtech/station>, it has been involved in various workshops and initiatives aimed at promoting e-learning and e-inclusion. These efforts have contributed to the development of innovative training methods, such as using virtual reality or AI as a normal tool for education & training.
Thomas Van Cauwenberghe's dedication to advancing educational technology has positioned <edtech/station> as a key figure in the sector. His leadership at <edtech/station> continues to drive innovation, collaboration, and growth in the field, making a significant impact on education and training both in Belgium and internationally.

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