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Tasha Ghouri

Tasha Ghouri

Model, podcaster and global ambassador for DeafKidzUK, Off Limits Entertainment Ltd
United Kingdom
Tasha was born deaf, after her parents identified her disability when she was just 12 months' old. She now wears a cochlear implant in her right ear and refers to her deafness as her 'superpower'. Since finishing as a finalist in Series 8 of Love Island, Tasha has gone on to cement herself in the fashion industry; working with sustainable and high-end brands. Tasha is the first pre-loved ambassador for eBay and works as an ambassador for other premium brands, including L'or'al Paris, Cadbury, Ann Summers and Essie. In 2021, she was praised for an ASOS campaign where she modelled for ASOS' earrings wearing her implant and became a figurehead in the deaf community. She launched her own podcast 'Superpowers with Tasha'' in February 2023, which focuses on normalising disabilities, exploring what once made her feel like an outcast but now being her greatest source of strength and community. She is a keen advocate for inclusivity and her goal is to raise awareness for these topics that are sometimes seen as a taboo. Before gaining her 1.5million followers and having the platform to raise awareness to a higher scale, Tasha worked with DeafKidzUK, and has now become their global ambassador, helping to raise funds for deaf children in underprivileged countries. She also works alongside UK charities RNID and NDCS to help those with hearing impairments.

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