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22-24 January 2025

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Stefania Bau

Stefania Bau

CEO, Init Esports Inc
United States
Stefy is a dynamic entrepreneur who's not only a 3-time motocross world champion but also the visionary Founder of Init Esports. With over two decades of experience in the realms of motorsports, e-mobility, and esports, Stefy has been a trailblazer, pioneering opportunities for diversity and inclusion in these male-dominated industries. Her mantra, #WomenSupportingWomen, serves as a guiding principle in her journey. Stefy's superpower lies in her ability to seamlessly connect technology with motorsports and SIM racing while passionately supporting women who share her love for these fields. What sets Stefy apart is her ownership of Init Esports, a ground breaking company in the world of sim racing and esports, where she leads with unwavering determination. Init Esports is known for producing innovative programs such like 'Screen to Speed' and the engaging "Sim 4 STEM" , in collaboration with Formula Female, that brings STEM and sim Racing in schools worldwide. These initiatives break down barriers and create an attainable pathway into motorsports for women, by women. Stefy's dedication to making motorsports, e-mobility, and esports more inclusive and accessible is nothing short of inspiring. With her incredible accomplishments as a world-class motocross champion and her pioneering efforts in the esports world, Stefy continues to be a driving force behind the advancement of women in these exhilarating industries. She's not just a champion on the track but also in the quest for equality and diversity in the world of motorsports and gaming. Stefy was recently elected on the Board of the Global Esports Federation.

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