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Sean Lowry

Sean Lowry

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Glide
United Kingdom
Sean Lowry, Chief Technology Officer at Glide UK since 2020, brings over 14 years of experience in the internet service provider/ managed service provider ISP/MSP sector. Sean's focus lies in practical aspects of technology, including network design, system scalability, and service delivery. His technical expertise spans a range of areas including Voice, Networking, Web Services, and Server Environments. Throughout his career, Sean has been committed to providing high-quality solutions, aligning with industry standards like ISO9001 and ISO27001. His approach is marked by a balance of technical knowledge and a keen understanding of customer needs. Prior to Glide UK, Sean's roles at various companies and Solar Communications involved overseeing information systems and technology, where he successfully implemented cost-saving initiatives and contributed to the development of innovative projects. His tenure at CableCom Networking and GCI featured significant work in platform development and system integration. Sean values continuous learning and applies his knowledge to effectively manage teams and projects, ensuring a positive impact on both the customer experience and operational efficiency.

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