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22-24 January 2025

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28 April - 1 May 2025

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Neven Miller

Neven Miller

Student President, College of Esports
United Kingdom
Neven Miller is an American that moved to the UK in early 2019 and resided in Aberdeen, Scotland until September of 2023. Currently, he is studying International Esports Business and Events Management at the College of Esports ' the world's leading university-level institution for the business of esports and gaming. On top of this, Neven is the Student Council President ' leading the student cohort to further enhance their overall university experience. Being an avid gamer, Neven has a passion for the esports and gaming space ' streaming on Twitch in his spare time. With this passion behind him, Neven has been able to take international trips to expand his industry presence. Most notably, Neven recently flew out to South Korea to explore the culture, and work with Gen.G Global Academy. Neven has worked for organizations such as Project Above and is currently helping run social media for Omnium Gaming. Neven hopes to utilize opportunities to help progress the future of esports, to make it a more welcoming and more sustainable place for all.

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