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Nesli Kolasinli

Nesli Kolasinli

Lecturer & Founder, Bahcesehir University, Ludos Co.
Nesli is an avid gamer, learning designer, researcher and a multipotentialite. She gives lectures and conducts research projects at various educational programs and universities on subjects related to gaming, education and esports. She is the founder of Ludos Co., a global company which leads projects and provides consultancy on gaming, esports and game-based learning. She is the advisor of the collegiate esports program at BAU, where she also teaches and runs an esports mentoring program for students. Nesli has worked all over the world in various positions of esports from content creation to tournament management, and her passion for the combination of education and games stems from her role as an executive manager at one of the most prominent educational institutions in Istanbul for over 5 years where she both designed curriculums and executed country-scale learning programs mostly based on game based learning and creative drama. She mostly specializes in running esports programs at high school and university levels, primarily in the USA and Canada, and in implementing programs to advocate STEAM fields through digital games and esports. In addition to her professional and academic pursuits, she is the founder and a board member of an international non-profit association that focuses on the play and education rights of children and youth, a member of the International Esports Research Network, an ambassador of Women in Games (WIGJ) and a various game development and women empowerment organizations. When she is not working Nesli can be found designing board games, giving keynote speeches about esports, or at a DnD table with her party (where everyone is more than welcome to join anytime).

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