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Naomi Toland

Naomi Toland

Creative Director, Toland Toolkit
New Zealand
Naomi Toland is the Creative Director of Toland Toolkit, a platform that inspires confidence, connection and creativity. From the Emerald Isle of Ireland, Naomi is very proud to be a Derry Girl. Since leaving home at 18 years old she has spent the last 13 years teaching, learning and leading in a variety of places including Tokyo, London, Auckland and Costa Rica. Researching topics such as Neuroscience, Psychology and Design Thinking, Naomi has interviewed educators and leaders around the world including Barbara Oakley, John Hattie and David Lee. On a quest to better understand our brains and bodies, Naomi believes this will provide pathways that transform education while inspiring human development. Throughout this process, Naomi has been exploring strategies and scaffolds that engage learners with a broad range of needs, abilities and behaviours. With the aim of being the bridge that enables learners to grow and flourish. Naomi is currently based in Auckland, New Zealand, where she leads workshops that weave Reading, Writing and Maths with the Arts. She also works at Manaiakalani as a Digital Facilitator, scaffolding digital learning experiences for teachers, learners and leaders. Can't wait to connect with you!

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