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Matt Warne

Matt Warne

Head of Computing and Digital Learning, RGS The Grange
United Kingdom
As the Head of Computing and Digital Learning at RGS The Grange, Matt Warne is dedicated to driving the integration of technology within the learning environment. A member of the Senior Leadership Team, Matt's responsibilities encompass shaping digital strategy and fostering an atmosphere of innovation. Beyond his role at RGS The Grange, Matt serves as a Computing and Digital Innovation IAPS National Advisor, providing guidance and support to over 650 schools in the field of Computing. His influence extends nationally, contributing significantly to the shaping of the educational landscape. Recognised as an EdTech50 in 2020, Matt's commitment to excellence in educational technology is evident, reflecting his dedication to pushing the boundaries of conventional teaching methods and embracing cutting-edge tools for a dynamic learning environment. In his capacity as the lead teacher and manager of an Apple Regional Training Centre, Matt spearheads initiatives that empower educators with skills and knowledge to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices. This role enables him to share best practices and foster collaboration among educators, contributing to a broader community of learning. As an Apple Distinguished Educator, Class of 2019, Matt's commitment to leveraging Apple technologies showcases a passion for enhancing the educational experience for both students and educators. Further solidifying his impact, Matt had the opportunity to travel to South Africa and lead the ThinkAhead Global EdTech summit. This experience places him at the forefront of advancing computational thinking and digital literacy. His role involves not only disseminating knowledge but also inspiring and equipping fellow educators with the skills to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of computer science education.

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