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22-24 January 2025

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Lucy Supperstone

Lucy Supperstone

Director of Innovation and Standards, Leadership Skills Foundation
United Kingdom
Lucy is passionate about providing opportunities for young people to develop essential leadership skills for their future. Her focus on leadership skills development was grown through teaching 14-19 year olds at Loughborough College. Since joining the Leadership Skills Foundation in 2008 Lucy has been supporting the development of essential leadership skills programmes to over 1.5 million young people. Lucy's partnership work with the British Esport Federation to develop an accredited Esport Leadership Programme, has resulted in 15 'Trailblazer' education centres to deliver the Esports Leadership Programme from January 2024. This vital work is expanding the reach of leadership skills programmes and supporting the esport sector to develop its workforce to support esport activities. With an overall vision of empowering young people to shape their future and lead their communities, the esports leadership programme will ensure the essential leadership skills are built for young people to thrive within their chosen careers.

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