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Libby Wilkins

Libby Wilkins

Assistant Principal: Accessibility and Digital Applications, The Oaks Specialist College
United Kingdom
Libby is Assistant Principal at The Oaks Specialist College, where she specialises in designing and implementing digital curricula and assistive technologies to support young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. Most recently, Libby has been leading the College's accessibility offer, sharing her expertise at conferences and has been named an Accessibility Fellow by Microsoft for 2023-24. Libby brings a holistic approach to designing lessons and activities that give her learners an opportunity to practice life skills in a safe setting, enabling them to grow towards living independently and gaining employment; increasing impact whilst saving staff time in planning, delivery and assessment. Libby recognises the critical role technology plays in our day-to-day lives. Her passion is ensuring her learners are empowered by technology, making use of accessibility features to overcome challenges within the classroom.

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