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Jornea Armant

Jornea Armant

Head of Community Engagement, Microsoft Flip
United States
Jornea Armant, Head of Community Engagement at Microsoft Flip is a learner, servant to others, and educator for 20+ years and lives by these three words ' Love'Grow'Inspire. Jornea's previous experiences include being a classroom teacher, reading interventionist, instructional coach, technology coach mentor with the Dynamic Learning Project, Alabama State Department of Education instructional technology specialist, keynote speaker, educational thought leader, and presenter. With a passion for empowering and supporting others in innovation, Jornea is committed to the continuous quest to transform learning experiences for all and currently leads a team of educator innovation leads & community engagement managers at Microsoft Flip, comprised of educators with diverse teaching backgrounds. She is a learner for life and is always seeking ways to connect, learn, and grow with fellow educators around the world ' connect with her at @savvy_educator.

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