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Jon Samuel

Jon Samuel

Computing & Digital Learning Lead, Primrose Hill Primary School, Salford
United Kingdom
As Computing and Digital Learning Lead at Primrose Hill Primary School, Jon is passionate about how technology can enhance the learning experiences of children and open up a world of new opportunities. He is in his 13th year of teaching, the last 10 of which have been spent at Primrose Hill Primary, developing their EdTech provision and Digital Strategy and looking at how technology can support the teaching and learning at the school. He is always ready to share his passion and commitment to ensuring that every opportunity available to the children is utilised, with the children featuring regularly on various BBC and ITV programmes, with himself appearing on BBC North West Tonight, Morning Live, Radio 5 Live and BBC Bitesize Lockdown Learning. With a commitment to ensure that every child and staff member has access to the best technology and resources, Jon has led and continues to develop the 1:1 iPad programme at the school, facilitating opportunities for the staff and children to be more creative with technology across the curriculum. As an Apple Distinguished Educator, Class of 2023, Jon has been recognised for his passion for bringing learning to life through technology and taking every opportunity to share this with other educators. Beyond his school role, Jon also regularly works with other schools and teachers, sharing his passion for enhancing learning with technology and supporting schools with their own Computing and EdTech provision.

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