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Jon Davies

Jon Davies

Senior Managed Windows Desktop Analyst, Royal Holloway, University of London
United Kingdom
Jon Davies is a seasoned IT professional and Senior Managed Windows Desktop Analyst at Royal Holloway, University of London. Jon improves student experiences by strategically reallocating underused hardware to high-traffic areas, ensuring convenient access for students. Leveraging resource-use data, Jon transforms anecdotal evidence into actionable insights. One notable success involves responding to staff requests for new hardware. By leveraging detailed usage statistics reports, Jon spearheaded the reduction of 100 PCs, resulting in significant savings of around '100,000. Through meticulous data collection and insightful reporting, he identifies chances to reallocate, streamline, and optimize hardware resources, ultimately providing students with a more efficient and cost-effective learning environment. In Jon's hands, resource usage data isn't just a tool, it's the key to unlocking innovation and savings in IT management.

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