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Jason Arday

Jason Arday

Professor of Sociology of Education, University of Cambridge
United Kingdom
Jason Arday is Professor of Sociology of Education at the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education. Previously, Jason was Professor of Sociology of Education at the University of Glasgow in the School of Education, College of Social Sciences. In March, 2023, his appointment at the University of Cambridge, UK. At the age of 37, made him the youngest Black person ever appointed to a Professorial Chair and one of the youngest people ever to be appointed to a full Professorship in Oxbridge's history. He has been called on by numerous organisations including the Governments of England, Scotland and Wales, to consult and develop anti-racism strategies. Professor Arday has also held the position of Associate Professor in Sociology at Durham University in the Department of Sociology and Deputy Executive Dean for People and Culture in the Faculty of Social Science and Health. He is a Visiting Professor at The Ohio State University in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and an Honorary Professor at Durham University in the Department of Sociology. Jason holds other Visiting Professorships at University of Glasgow and Nelson Mandela University. He is a Trustee of the Runnymede Trust, the UK's leading Race Equality Thinktank and the British Sociological Association (BSA). Jason sits on the Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS) National Advisory Panel and the NHS Race and Health Observatory Academic Reference Group. Jason is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA).

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