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Gin Rai

Gin Rai

Esports Manager and Course Leader in BSc Esports Production, Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies a part of Nottingham Trent University
United Kingdom
With over 15 years of experience in digital technologies and education, Gin Rai is an established and passionate practitioner in games and Esports. Gin leads the strategic developments of Esports and the linked degree programmes at Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, a part of Nottingham Trent University. Here he has developed numerous Further Education, Higher Education and post-graduate programmes in Games Production, Games Technology, Games Art, and most recently, the world's first BSc and MSc Esports production degrees focusing on Esports broadcast production. Partnered with the leading technology providers in production, Confetti has solidified itself as a leading education provider for those invested and interested in creative technologies. This has been the perfect breeding ground for Esports education, with leading hands-on study through access to bleeding edge technologies, such as virtual production, cross reality tech, and world-class broadcast production technologies. Consciously working towards growing a network of like-minded and passionate technologists, Gin and his students are here to share their experiences of esports education along with their places in supporting and growing the Esports industry.

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