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22-24 January 2025

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28 April - 1 May 2025

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4-5 October 2023


George Lewin

George Lewin

Chief Operating Officer, CTRL Esports Ltd
United Kingdom
George is a driven, enthusiastic person who began his esports career as an average player before founding CTRL Esports Ltd, an esports organisation which produces esports content, has competitive teams, and supports the grassroots scene by developing players and staff to take them to the next level. He was a consultant for David Beckham's esports team, GUILD esports, while he was a college student studying esports. Last year, he joined Microsoft on the Bett Arena , speaking about the amazing ways that esports can positively impact the dynamic of a classroom and his personal experiences of how esports has benefited his career. His love of esports led to a job at youth esports training company Valhallan, as a coach for different games. George's passion for esports has been instrumental in his career path, and he's excited to see where it takes him next.

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