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Anesuishe Madondo

Anesuishe Madondo

Senior Physiotherapist and Mollii Suit Trained Practitioner, National Star College
United Kingdom
Anesu is a dedicated physiotherapist with a passion for transforming lives. She brings a wealth of international experience and a profound commitment to supporting individuals living with disabilities. Her journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, with a unique blend of compassionate care, advocacy, and a forward-thinking embrace of emerging technologies. Her commitment to making a difference took her across borders, where she collaborated with charitable organizations dedicated to providing healthcare to those in need. Her work with organizations like Miraclefeet, a non-profit focused on treating children born with clubfoot in low-income countries, showcased her ability to combine expertise with compassion. Anesu's hands-on approach and leadership were pivotal in ensuring that individuals with disabilities received quality care, irrespective of their geographical location. Building on her experiences she has worked at National Star since 2020 and has developed a keen interest in the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities as they transition into adulthood. Recognizing the critical role of physiotherapy in facilitating this transition, she is committed to understanding the unique needs of this population, embracing technological advancements, and collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to develop cutting-edge solutions for individuals with disabilities transitioning into adulthood. Anesu has presented her work on several platforms including the World Congress of Physiotherapy, and the local physiotherapy newsletter in Tanzania. The Mollii Suit Project she is Co-Leading at the Star College has been showcased on the BBC One Show, and on BBC points west.

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