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Abdul Chohan

Abdul Chohan

Vice President of Learning, Showbie
United Kingdom
Abdul Chohan is a teacher of 20 years, as well as a former headteacher and CEO of a Multi Academy Trust in the UK. He is the founder of a free school, an Apple Distinguished Educator, and in 2020, became the Vice President of Learning at Showbie. Abdul is known for his pioneering contributions to mobile device-based learning, and his advocacy on the effective application of feedback and assessment. Since 2012, he has inspired thousands of educators globally through his engaging talks and helped numerous organisations develop, implement, and sustain transformative digital learning strategies that emphasize a personalised learning journey for each student. Abdul's approach to digital strategy is anchored in establishing a foundation for consistently good teaching and learning, central to this is the integration of research-backed practices with simple and reliable tools. By focusing on these core principles, Abdul has significantly contributed to reshaping how learning communities in the UK and abroad are thinking about education in the ever-evolving digital learning environment.

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