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Aaron Saxton

Aaron Saxton

Director of Disruptive Learning, University Academy '92 (UA92)
United Kingdom
As a leader of modern education and national ambassador for education, Aaron Saxton (also known as Sax) joined University Academy 92 (UA92), a joint venture between Lancaster University and former Manchester United footballers, as the Director of Disruptive Learning in the summer of 2021. Believed to be one of the first roles of its kind in Higher Education in the UK, Sax has taken on a role that's further enhancing UA92's already innovative approach to education by ensuring it has the right academic offer that empowers careers and opportunities as well as enabling and inspiring students from all backgrounds. Sax's key roles are to launch UA92's apprenticeship programmes, develop the digital strategy, and lead UA92's offering of digital bootcamps. UA92 is a digital ecosystem dedicated to digital learning and development, leadership and enterprise. It includes a trailblazing metaverse, a fully immersive 360-degree Igloo learning space, flex-tech classrooms, and digital media suites. It's utilised by a range of students including those completing undergraduate computer science degrees, digital bootcamps and apprenticeships.

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