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22-24 January 2025

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28 April - 1 May 2025

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4-5 October 2023

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Smart Sense

Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SH41
  • | Learning and Teaching Technology

Seize the power to transform the air you breathe with Smart Sense, your gateway to a breath of fresh innovation. Our Sensees systems place the control of air quality firmly in your hands and empower your entire educational institution to take action.

The real magic unfolds in the Sensees app – your tool for influencing microclimatic conditions, teaching students, inspiring change and creating healthier learning environment together. Think of our sensors as your allies, protecting your environment and sending data securely to the Cloud.

Behind the scenes, our dedicated research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing and precise calibration and validation ensure that you hold the reins for customised solutions developed exclusively for your educational institution.

Your authority in making the air better starts with Smart Sense. Step into a story where every breath counts, where every user matters and shapes the tale.

 Experience clean air, embrace better learning.



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