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22-24 January 2025

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Foton VR

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FotonVR, a dynamic and innovative brand under Kachhua Solutions Pvt Ltd, is dedicated to revolutionizing education through its Metaverse-based solutions. Our business model comprises two main verticals.1) For School : VR Classroom Setup 2) For Individual : VR educational kit

Vision: Our vision is to leverage technological advancements to elevate the education system, fostering a profound transformation in learning methodologies.Global Presence: Currently, FotonVR has a strong presence in key regions, including Russia, Korea, UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. Achievements: FotonVR has successfully implemented its solutions in diverse global markets, contributing to the advancement of education through immersive and engaging experiences.Future Endeavors: Continuing on our path of innovation, FotonVR aims to expand its reach and impact, bringing immersive education to more regions and further revolutionizing the way students learn.In summary, FotonVR is at the forefront of the educational technology landscape, providing transformative solutions that blend technological sophistication with educational excellence.


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