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Student Location Tracking using private Google Maps

Student location tracking refers to the process of monitoring and recording the whereabouts of students in a given location, such as a campus or during their commute. 

UXLivingLab, led by Samanta AI, calculates GPS-based location using applications interfaced with the Google Maps and campus map. This system allows for the retrieval and display of students' positions on maps in real-time.

Process of Tracking Students on Campus

On campus, the student location tracking process involves installing hardware modules in the students' ID cards that utilize GPS to detect their location. The system tracks the location, speed, and route of the student, plotting this information on a map.

Monitoring Student Commute from Home

Samanta also monitors their commute from home. This system continuously emit the location of the students during their commute. This information is then displayed on an interface for parents and school authorities.


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