Exhibitor FAQs

Exhibitor FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Bett.

Bett Assistant is our brand-new tool which contains much more information than the FAQs page, please talk to the Bett Assistant by clicking on the blue button on the right side of the screen (ask me anything about the event!). 

Before coming onsite

1. How can I retrieve my login details?

To obtain your log-in details if lost, please use the ‘Forgot your password’ functionality on the eZone log-in page. If this is not working, please email exhibitor@bettshow.com and we will be able to help you.

2. Where can I find the Exhibitor Manual?

The Exhibitor Manual can be accessed via the eZone by logging in and clicking the ‘Exhibitor Manual’ tab on the left hand side. There is a single sign-on functionality and so you should not be required to log in again. If that does happen, please contact us at exhibitor@bettshow.com

3. When get I get the Bett marketing collateral?

This will be available to you a little later on in the year and we will make this clear to you in one of our emails. 

4. Who are the official contractors?

Throughout the event cycle, we work with various show contractors, our main supplier being GES. However, you might receive emails from Aztec, InEvexco, and Essential Events. If you receive any emails from other companies claiming to work with us, please do check with us if these are genuine.

5. How can I talk to my Account Manager?

Your account manager is the person who has handled your contract. If you need to speak to them and don’t have contact details, please email exhibitor@bettshow.com and we will be able to connect you to them.

6. Where can I get the Exhibitor Passes?

Exhibitor passes will be made available closer to the show in March 2023 and any communications or updates on this will be made to you in emails. 

7. How can I get a visa invitation letter?

Visa invitation letters are solely for individuals part of a company/organisation’s delegation to the show. Once the contract for the show has been paid, please contact exhibitor@bettshow.com.

8. Where can I park when on-site and how much does it cost?

There are 3,070 car spaces directly beneath the ExCeL. The Orange car park (under the main venue), the Royal Victoria multi-storey car park, and the East car park. It cost £20 up to 24 hours for cars, transit vans up to 3.5T, and minibuses.

9. Is electricity included in my stand?

No. All stands, regardless of package come without electricity included. Please use the Exhibitor Manual to order electricity and please make sure you check with our provider that the order will suffice for the devices/appliances you need to power. Exhibitor Manual will be made available a little later on in the year. 

10. Where are the gallery suites?

The Gallery Suites are located at the back of the halls.

11. When is the show open?

You can read more about the show’s opening time here

12. Where can I get help on-site?

If you require help at any point whilst on site, please find the nearest Organisers Office to your stand. These will be located at the front of the halls as you come in from the Boulevard and will be fully staffed to help you.

Hosted Leaders Programme

What is the Hosted Leaders Programme and can I get involved?

Our Hosted Leaders Programme matches school, university and government leaders with thoughtfully selected education solution providers to discover innovative new products and services, via 15 minute face-to-face meetings. 

Meetings will take place at designated times alongside Bett 2023 and Learnit events at the ExCeL London.

This 1-2-1 meeting programme is unlike any other because it is double opt-in, so both the buyer and the solution provider have to agree to it, meaning that all meetings are highly relevant. 

Please reach out to your account manager or to sam@learnit.world for more information.

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