Strategically closing the digital divide


Strategically closing the digital divide

23 Mar 2022
Leaders @ Bett (South)

Following the successful move to emergency online delivery in 2020, Middlesbrough College engaged in a period of strategic introspection. This crucial pause led not only to the development of a highly ambitious Digital Transformation Strategy, but more importantly a 2-million-pound initial capital investment and ongoing annual million-pound capital investment ensuring individual digital devices for all learners, aimed at closing the digital divide for those so keenly affected. Alongside this bold initiative, the College is currently in the process of streamlining all digital services and upskilling the entire workforce from the top down. Leaders are also embedding a curriculum-wide industry 4.0 skillset, ensuring learners are future-ready, with the skills necessary to protect themselves from automation throughout their working life. This session will provide attendees with an overview of these initiatives and the overarching Digital Transformation strategy, the reception from both staff and learners and the resultant benefits and challenges. 

James Wells, Director of Digital Innovation and Support - Middlesbrough College

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