School procurement post Brexit: Are you compliant?


School procurement post Brexit: Are you compliant?

25 Mar 2022
Leaders @ Bett (South)

From 11pm on 31 December 2020 the UK was no longer subject to EU procurement law but we continue to be bound by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. Join Lorraine to hear more about what's changed, what has stayed the same and what's coming down the line when it comes to school procurement. The Transforming Public Procurement Green Paper is likely to make some fundamental changes to public procurement law when it is introduced, with an emphasis on simplification, flexibility and greater freedom to negotiate. Learn about the risks and potential ramifications of not getting it right as well as the top five areas of non-compliance we see in schools and Trusts. If you're involved in procurement in your school or Trust this is a 'must attend' session. 

Lorraine Ashover, Director - Minerva Procurement Consultancy Services Limited

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