Innovation in smart learning to drive student engagement


Innovation in smart learning to drive student engagement

24 Mar 2022
Leaders @ Bett (South)

More than 50% of school teachers indicated that there has been a dramatic learning loss. Both in academic learning and social emotional progress due to Covid 19 shifting instruction from in class to distant learning. The real question is how to combat and reverse this new reality around learning loss? 

  • A.I. Based Personalized Learning: AI can have a powerful impact to drive academic efficiency, personalization, and completely streamline the administrative processes in that used to consume teachers' time.  

  • Deploying a Gamified Learning Strategy to Motivate and Inspire Students: The use of Gamification and Rewards system to increase student learning outcomes has never been more important. In a distant learning environment, goals, or more specifically, behavioral goal setting is key to scaling student achievement.  

  • Enabling eLearning Ecosystem: Introducing tools like C-Reality, Education mall, Public Library, C-Kids, BI-Dashboards will help students leverage the full potential of their learning environment. 

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