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Educational microbit powered kits.'

Maker friendly DIY kits for creative exploration, a better understanding of technology and STEM / STEAM subjects. Build, Code, Fly and develop. Our Kits uses the micro:bit and the makecode online platform where students can choose between block, JavaScript and Python language. This makes it easy to start and it gives a variety'of possibilities.'

Combine this with tools from a workshop or maker space (like 3D-printers, laser cutters and handheld tools) you get a powerful educational package.'


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  • Maker friendly Students 8-18 years Repairable & durable Micro:bit powered Creative craftmanship Easy to deploy Made for 21. century curriculum Environmentally friendly Awesome, meaningful experience
  • Air:bit the world's first micro:bit drone Students learn STEAM subjects through problem-based learning and experience the joy of success Hover:bit is a hovercraft you can design and code.  
  • Explorer - base kit (10 kits)
  • Buzz:bit - Add on (10 psc)
  • Hover:bit - Add on for Wonder:Kit (10 psc)   Fast, agile, and educational ​ This product includes:  • Code using block, Python, or JavaScript  • Maker friendly  • Design and construct • 3D-printable • ...
  • Air:bit - Add on (10 psc) The micro:bit powered drone ​ • Build and code your own drone • Code using block, Python or Java Script  • Design your own drone body • 3D-printable and maker friendly  • Exp ...
  • The micro:bit hovercraft you build, code, and drift.
  • Make your own buzz wire game, play, and develop it.
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