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York Press has been a leading name in international education for more than 75 years, offering a comprehensive range of services to Ministries of Education around the world, as well as the private education sector. York Press benefits from a network of over 20 offices in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our expertise includes:'

''''''''Curriculum and syllabus development

''''''''Book publishing and creation of high-quality print and digital learning materials

''''''''Teacher training and ongoing professional development

''''''''E-learning and digital solutions


''''''''Accreditation consultancy

''''''''Project management

York Press online reader library and digital learning materials are available online via our Learning Management System at:' ' www.york-e.com

In the UK, we are known for our successful, long-running series of GCSE, A-level and Und ergraduate study guides, York Notes, which are published in partnership with Pearson PLC. Over 250 titles are available at:'www.yorknotes.com


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