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Welbee is a multi-award winning online staff wellbeing improvement tool, helping SLT and HR Directors create mentally healthy MATs and schools, retain staff, reduce costs, raise student attainment and enhance their Ofsted Leadership and Management Judgement.  

Welbee's not a survey company! A survey recognised by the DfE's Education Staff Wellbeing Charter starts the process, creating your benchmarked baseline. Further surveys allow you to track changes and the impact of actions taken.

Done for you analysis, filters, recommended actions and a growing wellbeing toolkit of over 100 resources make it easy to take action - after all it is what happens after surveys that is important - Welbee is a staff wellbeing improvement company.

If all you want is a survey, Welbee is not for you.

If you want recommended actions, online implementation support and to actually improve the wellbeing of your staff, then Welbee may be a good fit.




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