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  • Assessment services
  • Distance Learning
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • North America


Webuni is a white-label online education platform providing solutions for:

  • Institutions: educational or business purposes

  • Corporations: internal training and onboarding system

  • Umbrella organizations: own online academy

  • Sharing economy based marketplace

Main features

  • Course creation surface

  • Course marketplace for LIVE and self-paced courses

  • Assignments, certifications, gamification

  • Payment, coupon and billing system

  • Multilevel profile management

  • Live statistics and analytics​

References: skilltrainer.ch / webuni.hu / beconomist.hu



WEBXAM is an online examination system with integrated AI technology based proctoring features, managing the entire lifecycle of any tests or exams with minimal administrative efforts. 

Main features

  • Video, screen and audio recording

  • Connected device and background processes monitoring

  • Face recognition, eye tracking

  • Encrypted and authenticated data communication

  • Autograding and auto result analysis

References: Klubschule Migros, KV Business School Zurich




https://www.webuni.co / www.webxam.innostart.ch

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  • WebXam is a complex solution to realize secure exams in both online and offline environments.
  • Whitelabel online academy software to effectively sell, organize, administer educational products online.
  • Whitelable plattform to build own online academy like coursera or udemy. (Sell, organize effectivley any educational product and service)
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