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Tallinn University is a modern and dynamic research university in Estonia that promotes an intelligent lifestyle through education, research, and a unique collaboration across disciplines. Today, both QS World University and Times Higher Education rankings place Tallinn University among the top 5% best universities in the world.

Tallinn University has over 100 years of experience in teacher training and today we focus on educational innovation. Our innovative blended training courses enable you to become a digitally transforming teacher by mastering 21st century skills and digital competences.

As one of our latest innovations, in 2020 we opened a state-of-art laboratory, Eduspace, where the scientist's knowledge could meet the "field" experience of other stakeholders. In partnership with businesses we can create research-based solutions which equally support product development and organisational renewal. As we have a vast network of schools and kindergartens, we can also provide test beds for testing new educational solutions.





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  • Using robots and digital tools in learning and teaching is a growing trend. This training helps the participant to acquire techniques and methods on how to effectively integrate robotics and STEAM too ...
  • EDUSPACE is a research laboratory for learning and teaching supported by technology. EDUSPACE's keywords are educational innovation and cooperation between Tallinn University, educational institutions ...
  • Together with a product design and development agency Mobi Lab we have created an augmented reality game for kindergartens and primary schools. The aim of the game is to introduce children to and piqu ...
  • “Inspirations on Estonian Educational Innovations” is pre-ordered workshop for a international study group. The workshops are organized on different topics starting from general overview of the Estoni ...
  • The Learning Analytics Toolbox is a toolset for making it easy to administer data collection, analysis and presentation tools for teachers and researchers to analyze learning processes on the classroo ...
  • The EDULAB method builds and strengthens co-operation between Estonian schools and universities to improve the sustainability of educational innovations in practice.
  • Tallinn Summer School, organised since 2006, is a 3-week programme running in July, combining a wide range of courses with a rich, diverse cultural programme and attracting participants from all over ...
  • School development programme “Future School” is a methodology of how to create a school and university partnership programme for evicence-driven innovation based on the whole-school approach.
  • The mobile outdoors learning research group of Tallinn University developed, from the spring of 2017 to the end of 2020, in cooperation with 6 schools, mobile outdoor learning scenarios. These integra ...
  • Tallinn University provides online trainings that help the participants to acquire techniques and methods on how to effectively integrate robotics and playful IT tools into learning activities.

    Tallinn University
    Watch the video to find out what our university's researchers and experts are going to do in our new state of the art laboratory.
  • Innovation in education moves from university to schools through teachers and we try to support the schools and teachers in these changes.
  • The aim of the game is to introduce children to and pique their interest in Estonian symbols and nature by combining the real and virtual worlds, i.e. creating augmented reality. 
  • In spring 2018 our digital learning materials were piloted by Estonian teachers and we analysed this experience through different perspectives and using different tools. 
  • Our aim as a promoter of an intelligent lifestyle is to support a knowledge-based way of life, evidence-based decision making, and open and consistent development of state and society.
  • Robomath

    Tallinn University
    Teaching math with educational robots is a way to make subjects that are seemingly dry and boring more interesting and engaging for students.
  • Mobile Outdoor Learning

    Tallinn University
    We have designed engaging mobile outdoor learning scenarios that allow students to use different technologies for example for mapping the enivronmental state of an area.
  • We value innovation and interdisciplinarity in offering an internationally competitive education. 
  • Co-creation methods for connecting educational innovation and practice. 
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