Scoolsy (UAB Forward education tools)

Stand: NB60

Discover the power of personalized learning with Scoolsy!

Scoolsy ( is a personalized learning management system for K12 schools with engaging content, self-evaluation and individual progress tracking.

Scoolsy is an online solution for teachers and learners which helps to manage personalized learning at any school. Scoolsy has:

  1. subject matrixes that help to see the whole curriculum scope. Learning goals from basic to advanced level in each subject;

  2. diagnostics where student's knowledge in each subject might have gapped or exceeded the requirements;

  3. personalized learning plans with personal learning goals;

  4. a way to empower students to learn independently or in a group in the way suitable for them by providing content in different formats and multiple assessment possibilities;

  5. automated tracking of individual learner progress.

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