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sAInaptic is an AI-driven learning platform that automarks student responses to open-ended exam-style questions in GCSE science and gives instant feedback.

sAInaptic provides students with;

  • an interactive platform to practice exam-style questions
  • a predictive score for every question answered
  • instant, personalised feedback on parts of the answer which was correct and the concepts that should have been included. 

sAInaptic empowers teachers with;

  • access to high-quality exam-style questions covering the entire curriculum and a variety of questions types; including Multiple choice questions, closed/one-word questions and open-ended/descriptive questions.
  • useful insights & analytics into the performance of their students at a whole-class level and individual student level.
  • more importantly, all student responses are automarked by our intelligent tool, which will significantly reduce teachers' workload.

sAInaptic also offers exam bodies and publishers a unique solution to digitise their static questions!

sAInaptic is on a mission to automark every single question that exists!



United Kingdom

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  • sAInaptic in action

    21 Mar 2022 Sainaptic Limited
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