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'Prowise is a global company that invests in innovation, quality and reliability of digital learning solutions. By developing our own touchscreens, lifts, devices, user-friendly software, Prowise makes learning more accessible, effective and enjoyable. Over 20,000 schools, 450,000 teachers and students and hundreds of companies in over 24 countries use Prowise.




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  • A USB-C port is small in size, but offers many possibilities in the classroom. We collected the five favourite benefits in this blog for you. 
  • The Prowise Touchscreen Ten is our best touchscreen yet. Fully developed under Prowise management, safe and packed with educational features. We listed the #10 things you need to know.
  • With Prowise Central 4.0, we will soon launch the latest version of the operating system of our interactive whiteboards. What do you have to look for when choosing an OS and an interactive whiteboard?
  • Market leader Prowise offers its interactive whiteboard users the space to unleash their creativity after installing the update of the integrated writing and annotation package ProNote.
  • The Prowise Touchscreen Ten is our best screen yet, developed by our own colleagues to the finest screw. A touchscreen that breathes education, puts your privacy first and secures the future of the ne ...
  • With Prowise Screen Control you can manage all your touchscreens from one central point. With the touch of a button you can install apps, push updates or change background images of all your screens i ...
  • The Prowise Touchscreen Ten is our best screen yet.  Enjoy guaranteed picture quality, Dolby Audio award-winning sound and our best writing experience ever.
  • "The support from Prowise has been outstanding. From installation to checking our satisfaction, I cannot fault their customer service."
  • Brand new: the 98" version of the Prowise Touchscreen Ten. That means even more centimetres of learning pleasure and more surface area to let your lessons shine.
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