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We support modern educators by creating innovative solutions, methods and educational standards. We inspire to change in teaching processes to meet the needs of a changing world. We operate in the spirit of STEAM and provide products and services in accordance with the principles of Education 4.0.





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  • Photon ™ Special Educational Needs (SPE) for work with students with the autism spectrum and emotional and social disorders consists of 50 exercises intended for pedagogical therapy and revalidation c ...
  • Photon™ Ecology Teaching Kit shapes in children and adolescents attitudes of respect for the natural environment, disseminates knowledge about the principles of sustainable development, motivates them ...
  • Photon™ Physics Teaching Kit allows you to conduct classes in the classroom in two experimental groups. It includes 10 lesson scenarios for grades VII-VIII of the primary school and accessories necess ...
  • Photon™ Robot is the most technologically advanced educational robot available on the market. Our robot has a whole range of interactive sensors, making it a great teaching tool perfect for diverse cl ...
  • 4 simple steps to start amazing joruney with Photon™ Robot 
  • You can use Photon™ Robot in primary school easily. The teacher's assistant is here to help! 
  • Kindergarteners love Photon™ Robot! Find out how to use it during your classes.
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