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PAGS®️ ( Profile, Assessment and Goal Setting) is an online digital platform that supports children’s learning and psycho-social development designed for the educators of neurodiverse learners aged 5 to 25.

PAGS®️uses targeted questions to provide customised recommendations  for the learners’ main areas of need in order to maximise their progress and overcome barriers.

Based on the learning goals that are selected, PAGS®️ produces a tailored list of recommended activities, strategies, tools and apps to use with the learner.

PAGS®️ offers multiple benefits:

Assess, plan, do, review for a wide range of special educational needs learners. 

Collaborate with the whole team working with the child in real time.

Track & monitor progress. Add remarks and upload evidence as a word document, photos or video.

Use alongside any curriculum




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  • Product demo

    19 Mar 2022
    PAGS is a cloud-based tool that supports the parents, teachers and therapists/professionals of neurodiverse children.
  • Inclusive education is available to all. Yet places are usually limited to 1 or 2 children per class in mainstream schools. How do we improve the support structure?
  • Welcome to PAGS

    05 Jul 2021 PAGS
    As PAGS grows, we thought it would be a great idea to re-introduce our platform to you.
  • PAGS Paints The World

    09 Mar 2021 Richard Lamplough
    PAGS ( Profile, Assessemnt and Goal Setting) is a validated tool that supports teachers, learners and professionals securing positive outcomes for all learners.
  • PAGS is an innovative and informative platform that provides the personalised approach that all learners deserve. Boosting the learning and psycho-social development of those with special educational ...
  • Showcase our Product in 20mins presentation.
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