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At Nureva, we create audio products tailormade for hybrid learning, virtual professional development, administrative meetings and more.

Our solutions ensure that voices are picked up in every part of a room – no matter where people sit, face or move. It’s all thanks to patented Microphone Mist™ technology, which fills spaces with thousands of virtual microphones, so remote participants don’t miss a thing.

Our most recent development for education is Nureva® XT, which adds a high-definition classroom camera and premium services to our full-room audio systems.

From installation to user experience to maintenance and management, our solutions make everything easier – at a fraction of the cost of traditional multicomponent systems. With our deep roots in education and innovation, our commitment to fresh thinking and simplicity is built into everything we create.




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  • New mode for Nureva HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems supports voice amplification and full-room microphone pickup simultaneously 
  • Integrated solutions for K–12 and higher education combine Nureva audio, high-resolution camera and premium services for a variety of learning environments
  • Nureva XT is an integrated solution for K–12 and higher education. It combines a full-room audio system with a classroom camera and Nureva Pro premium services for a seamless hybrid experience.
  • The HDL300 system ensures voices are picked up in every inch of a standard classroom. With full-room coverage plus voice amplification, management tools and more, it’s the easiest way to keep everyone ...
  • The Dual HDL300 system is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get true full-room audio coverage in your large classrooms, with no need for handheld mics or expensive multicomponent setups.
  • Looking for a quick rundown of how our audio products can help in K12 hybrid learning classrooms? In this video, you’ll see the 5 reasons Nureva audio works so well for primary and secondary students.
  • Want to hear exactly how the Nureva HDL300 system sounds? Watch this quick demo – recorded with no postproduction or enhancement. You’ll see how everyone can be heard, from anywhere.
  • Are you wondering how Voice Amplification Mode in Nureva audio really sounds? We’ve created a demo video to show you just that – with no audio enhancements.
  • Discover Nureva XT, our integrated solution for classrooms. It combines a full-room audio system with a classroom camera and Nureva Pro premium services for a seamless hybrid experience.
  • Find out how Nureva audio supports primary and secondary classrooms with a range of solutions built for better hybrid learning, professional development, virtual field trips, administrative meetings a ...
  • Get details on how Nureva can help you equip your HyFlex and hybrid classrooms for success, with solutions designed to increase participation and make hybrid teaching easier and more effective.
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