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WIRIS suite of tools offers a fully digital learning experience for students and teachers around the world. MathType, the world's most recognized equation editor; ChemType, our tool for inorganic chemistry, and the assessment tool WirisQuizzes, integrate directly via LTI within Canvas. MathType and ChemType allow any rich text field within Canvas to include math and science formula. WirisQuizzes has features to prevent cheating, automatically grade assignments, and our newest feature: a digital 'scratch pad' to allow the students to show their work with their final answers. Our tools are easily available in many LMS and CMS platforms, as well as other web apps, or you can integrate them in your own app.





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  • WirisQuizzes allows you to empower your STEM quizzes through the use of random parameters, thus mitigating cheating, automatic grading and the unique ability for students to explain their reasoning th ...
  • Streamline workflows that involve mathematical notation in Canvas LMS with MathType, and boost your productivity. You can type, handwrite and fine-tune mathematical equations with our multi-platform t ...
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