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At KAIT, we strive to change education, change the world, and thereby, change the future of our children by making learning easier for students and less burdensome for teachers.  In doing so, we must address a critical flaw in the current system: using grades to classify students.  Assessments should be integrated as a learning tool instead of as a classification tool.  To do this, KAIT developed an automated system with auto-grading, an easy feedback loop, and a new way of assessing students, the Understanding Index™.    

Using our smart pens to collect digital data, KAIT seamlessly incorporates AI into conventional classroom learning.  Biometric data such as thinking time, stroke count and writing speed are used in conjunction with a proprietary AI algorithm such as the Understanding Index™ and Cognitive and Behavioral Metrics™, we improve learning for each student.  KAIT has offline, online, and mobile options, making it a truly cross-platform solution. 


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  • KAIT TEST PREP is a self-directed learning tool that prepares individuals to take standardized tests by leading them through a series of research-backed training cycles.  These training cycles utilize ...
  • KAIT’s online learning platform brings live streaming of student writing with the KAIT digital pen into the virtual classroom to engage teachers and students in learning remotely.  KAIT’s online and d ...
  • KAIT’s in-classroom and offline learning solution is the world’s only offline solution to be used without computers.  Teachers are given enough number of pens per class along with a cradle.  Students ...
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    12 Jul 2021 Knowledge AI
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