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iRobot™ Education brings together all of iRobot's educational robots, resources and programming to provide educators, students and communities with a repository of tools to support 21st-century learning.

Our Philosophy

Leveraging over 30 years of industry expertise as the leading global consumer robot company, our mission is to inspire the next generation of innovators through our versatile robots, proprietary coding platform, learning library and STEM outreach program.

Our Learning Tools

Spark engagement and creativity by using robots to connect classroom learning with the real world. Use robot SimBots to guide students through coding activities in virtual arenas, or connect with real robots to bring code to life – no experience required. The best part about learning with robots? Seeing all you can do with them.


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  • Introducing the Create 3 Educational Robot. The next generation of iRobot's affordable, trusted, all-in-one mobile robot development platform. For advanced makers learning ROS 2.
  • Recognizing the need for digital literacy, the Root® Pro rt1 coding robot uses tangible, hands-on experiences to teach coding and strengthen computational thinking skills. Its combination of over 30 f ...
  • Dedicated for use on horizontal surfaces, the Root Lite coding robot is an ideal solution for sharing robots across small groups of students
  • Root Adventure Packs

    21 Mar 2022
    Celebrating the whimsical connections between coding, learning and play, Root™Adventure Packs propel students into a whole new world using the Root® coding robot.
  • Root Brick Top

    19 Jan 2021
    Kick your imagination up a notch with the Root™ Brick Top accessory, which enables you to build onto Root® coding robots using a variety of common building blocks. Root® Coding Robots sold separately.
  • Introduction to Root Pro rt1 Coding Robot

    15 Mar 2022 Daniella Bonazzoli
    Get to know the Root Pro Coding Robot. 
  • The Root Coding Robot is a little robot with a lot of possibilities. Responsive to touch, obstacles, light, color and sound, its unique abilities let you learn and explore with your imagination.
  • Wondering how to get started with the iRobot Education Learning Library? This video provides instructions on how to access and navigate the learning library.  
  • You Ready? Code in 3D, Starting Now! The iRobot Coding App has evolved! Offering new experiences in an easy-to-use learning environment, unlock the latest features today.
  • Create 3 Educational Robot

    15 Mar 2022 Daniella Bonazzoli
    Arriving in April, 2022 iRobot’s Foundation for Mobile Robot Development For Ages16+  
  • Root Coding Robots Comparison

    20 Mar 2022 Daniella Bonazzoli
    Root brings to life iRobot’s passion for using robots to empower people and is a perfect companion to cross curricular learning. 
  • Root® rt1 Coding Robot

    19 Jan 2021 Daniella Bonazzoli
    Take learning to code to the next level Bringing code to life through art, music and hands-on activities, the Root® rt1 coding robot delivers a revolutionary coding experience suitable for any experti ...
  • Root Lite Coding Robot

    22 Oct 2021 Daniella Bonazzoli
    The Root® rt0 coding robot combines family friendly fun and hours of coding activities at your fingertips, no matter your family’s experience with coding or robotics. With over 20 reactive sensors and ...
  • Root™ Brick Top

    19 Jan 2021 Daniella Bonazzoli
    Code, Create and Actively Participate Foster engagement and creativity in the classroom with the Root™ Brick Top, which lets students turn the Root® coding robot into just about anything they can imag ...
  • iRobot® Coding Platform

    19 Jan 2021 Daniella Bonazzoli
    A Coding Journey Powered by Robots Scaffold how students learn to code with progressive Learning Levels suitable for any skill level, from pre-readers to higher education environments.
  • The History of the Root® Coding Robot

    19 Jan 2021 Daniella Bonazzoli
    Born at one of Massachusetts’ distinguished cross-disciplinary research institutes in 2011, the Root coding robot is practical tool for teaching progressive coding skills. Its story began in a lab who ...
  • With over 30 years of experience building and programming robots, iRobot provides the trusted, versatile Root coding robot that supports educators in any environment: with a deep understanding of lear ...
  • iRobot Education Testomonials

    19 Jan 2021 Daniella Bonazzoli
    Learn more about Root from iRobot Education from our happy customers. 
  • Case Study: ESSTEAM Lab

    19 Jan 2021 Daniella Bonazzoli
    With the help of iRobot Education’s learning tools, ESSTEAM Lab has been able to grow their educational programming, the goal of which is to teach STEAM and Maker education through the lens of sustain ...
  • Introduction to Root Coding Robot

    05 Nov 2019 iRobot Corporation
    A coding robot that is as fun to play with as it is to learn from.
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