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  • Attendance Management
  • Managing Information Systems
  • School visitor management
  • Security & Risk Management
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InVentry is the market leader for staff, visitor and pupil management; trusted by over 8,000 schools. Their system transforms the efficiency of entry into your school and provides secure digital data on every entry or exit; giving you maximum traceability for staff, contractors and visitors. All products are developed in-house and provide a smart solution to site security and tracking – as well as offering schools an extra sense of security for the safeguarding of pupils.

As well as offering this, InVentry also provide asset management software; Audit & Compliance. This solution delivers fast and cost-effective solutions for tracking assets in your school – providing a clear audit trail of usage to enable you to make informed decisions on your software and hardware investments. The compliance module in addition completely removes the burden on administrative staff for ensuring that your building complies with statutory and regulatory standards.


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  • Designed for education, but suitable for any business, our fully-equipped integrated solution allows you to accurately monitor who is in your building at any time. InVentry speeds up the sign-in proce ...
  • Audit & Compliance helps schools, colleges and businesses keep track of their assets. The software also gives you the ability to see when warranties are due to expire and license renewal dates – ensur ...
  • ClassMark is the revolutionary system that simplifies classroom registration, making it easier than ever to keep track of your pupils. The ClassMark system is a fantastic asset for teachers and admini ...
  • The Anywhere App enables you to manage it all from the palm of your hands. From Trip Management to Fire evacuation, the Anywhere App makes managing your pupils, staff, and contractors that little bit ...
  • Designed to create a simple, secure and seamless,experience when visiting your organisation, disover the InVentry vistior journey from beginning to end. 
  • Our Quickscan Touch units allow for quick and flexible sign-in around your building.
  • The new InVentry ClassMark Cloud has been developed so it links straight to your MIS, allowing your organisation to take a register in as little as 3 clicks!  
  • The ultimate compliance and asset management system for education. Find out how InVentry's Audit and Compliance could provide the perfect solution for your organisation. 
  • InVentry can also help you manage contractors journey from beginning to end, from importing new users to managing DBS Checks, managing your contractors has never been easier. 
  • This video explains how your school can use InVentry for evacuation and what are the benefits. For more information visit or call us on 0113 322 9253.
  • ClassMark Cloud

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