Stand: FS10
  • School Administration/ Management
  • Managing Information Systems
  • Europe

Integrating your team, your data and your systems & platforms together is a major challenge for schools and school groups. Processes become messy, slow and error prone when the different parts of our organisation don’t work together to deliver them. These problems exacerbate as organisations get larger.

Habitude is a process management and automation platform that allows you to define and rollout great processes, and then deliver and track them to completion. 

We connect all of your pieces up into a coherent, scaleable whole. How? The platform gets your existing systems talking to each other and sharing data directly, and gives your team the information and nudges that they need to get work done.

Habitude is built exclusively for school and school group environments. Our integrations, features, pre-built use-cases, plus our customer support are all tailored towards the needs of schools and school teams.



United Kingdom



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  • Habitude automatically adds data to & fetches data from your spreadsheets as part of any process.
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