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GoReact humanises and simplifies skills-based learning through a proven combination of video + feedback. Academic institutions and training programmes worldwide use GoReact to facilitate scalable video observation, coaching and assessment. With simple, flexible tools for experiential learning, GoReact helps all learners develop and demonstrate skill competency.

  • Learn how GoReact empowers confident skills at www.GoReact.com/global
  • To request a private demo, and receive a £20 Amazon gift card visit www.goreact.com/bett-2022/



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  • When Covid-19 forced campus closures worldwide, many universities turned to solutions like GoReact for remote observation. It gave students a simple way to practise and demonstrate skills online, and ...
  • GoReact

    10 Dec 2021
    GoReact is designed to empower confident skill development by humanising and simplifying video observation, assessment, and feedback for learners and educators everywhere.  
  • An Introduction to GoReact

    10 Dec 2021 Jenny
  • Video feedback and formative assessment software are becoming a staple in higher ed tech stacks. Higher ed institutions’ video assessment usage skyrocketed during the pandemic, and tech reports show n ...
  • GoReact Features

    10 Dec 2021
    Designed for education, GoReact has developed time-savings tools for video assessment: Simple Recording, Powerful Feedback, Deeper Insights
  • Accelerate and humanise skills-based learning with features designed for education that help learners show what they know on video.
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