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GCSEPod is an educational platform offering subscribers unique, audio-visual teaching and learning resources. Bringing together the key elements of content, assessment, and data, combining them with tracking and monitoring all on one platform, GCSEPod is proven to engage students, consolidate subject knowledge, and accelerate progress while – crucially – reducing teacher workload. As a company we boast a wealth of expertise and share a commitment to developing quality teaching and learning content in a rapidly changing environment. 

Evidence-based impact is at the heart of how we measure our company’s success in the market. In 2019 (the last exam- only measured iGCSE/GCSE’s) on average, regular users of GCSEPod achieved one1 whole grade higher per subject than non-users. GCSEPod is proud to boast a 4.8/5 rating on EdTech impact and the feedback from our customers evidences the effect the product has on school life and learning.

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Newcastle Upon Tyne
United Kingdom



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  • Functional Skills

    28 Feb 2022 GCSEPod
    Learn. Assess. Progress. Over 400 videos Learning & assessment resources covering all components for Maths and English Functional Skills 
  • Deal Education Alliance for Learning Trust customer case study

    18 Nov 2021 David Myatt, Chief Financial Officer
    In this case study, David Myatt, chief financial officer at DEAL discusses the benefits of the Access Finance, Budgeting and People software.
  • The Kemnal Academies Trust customer case study

    18 Nov 2021 Rachel Carter, Head of Finance at The Kemnal Academies Trust
    Rachel Carter, head of finance at The Kemnal Academies Trust uses the Access Finance and Budgeting software to ensure a collaborative approach is taken across their 45 schools.
  • Crompton House school customer case study

    18 Nov 2021 Chris Raynerd, Head of Year 11 and KS4 raising standards leader at Crompton House school
    Head of Year 11 and KS4 raising standards leader, Chris Raynerd explores how the My School Portal software has made a difference to the staff, pupils and parents of Crompton House school.
  • George Green's school customer case study

    18 Nov 2021 David Roome, Head of Finance and Operations at George Green's school
    David Roome, head of finance and operations at George Green's school explains how Access Education Budgets and Finance helped his team to take a more strategic and forward thinking approach. 
  • For Jonathan Wates, GCSEPod has been “worth its weight in gold” to the school mentoring programme he runs
  • Concerned about the path the current coronavirus pandemic was going to take, Sacred Heart Catholic High School in Newcastle brought forward plans to buy into the GCSEPod.
  • Teach Secondary & GCSEPod

    19 Jan 2021 GCSEPod
  • 1,000+ ESAs Written by over 150 examiners and subject specialists Covering 19 GCSE and international subjects Created for 6 exam boards Essential clear evidence of attainment and progression - your st ...
  • Check & Challenge

    01 Dec 2021
    Designed to support students of all abilities, Check & Challenge does far more than just assess knowledge. Multiple-choice testing combined with our unique diamond reward system encourages motivation ...
  • Award-winning Pods

    01 Dec 2021
    Over 30,000 pods published 19,000 of those being for English, Maths or Science Covering over 35 exam boards Over 40 subjects covered, from Biology to Creative iMedia.
  • GCSEPod has been optimised for student and teachers. For students, the experience is aimed at encouraging maximum engagement while cementing knowledge from key themes and topics.
  • GCSEPod Brochure

    16 Jan 2019 GCSEPod
    GCSEPod gives you the ability to teach, learn or assess as effectively out of school as you can in the classroom.
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