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The race towards carbon neutrality in 2050 has begun! The Net Zero Game 2050™ provides an exciting gamification and demystification of the green transition towards a carbon-neutral economy.

The benefits of The Net Zero Game 2050™ are:

  • High impact: What you hear, you often forget. But when you play, you learn.
  • Fast implementation: It only takes 30–90 minutes to play a full game (depending on game mode and briefing/debriefing).
  • Low engagement cost: Very competitive compared with alternative learning methods.

Business (stakeholder capitalism) is a strong lever for change with a low response time, and our ambition is to gamify its mechanisms and dynamics, its risk and returns.

The Net Zero Game 2050™ provides provides a fun and different alternative/supplement to text books, case stories from mass media, plenary sessions, PowerPoints and Post-Its.




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  • The Net Zero Game 2050™ offers a gamification of four very visible, tangible and carbon-intensive value chains affecting the lives of most people.
  • Digitalisation (aided by the Covid-19 pandemic) has shown that commuting to and from work is not a nature-given phenomenon. Adding the general urbanisation and ongoing electrification of parts of the ...
  • The growing global population will increase the demand for urban planning and new buildings that need to be heated and cooled. At the same time, basic raw materials such as sand (for concrete) are bec ...
  • The marvels of modern electronic consumer goods – with smartphones becoming fashion accessories, for example – have not come for free as circularity, repairability and sustainability have sadly receiv ...
  • Food is a very popular product and is consumed by billions every day (often, luckily, more than once a day). The imperfections in today’s food delivery systems are obvious and unsustainable moving for ...
  • By 2050 it's projected that more than two-thirds of the world population (or 7 billion people) will live in urban areas. The Net Zero Metropolis Game 2050™ Game shows that the gameplay can be used for ...
  • The race towards carbon neutrality in 2050 has begun! Let's play to win!
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