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Are your students taking History or World Culture? Enrich their curriculum by sending them on our virtual field trips to visit the places they are studying such as ancient Athens, Egypt, Mesoamerica, and Rome.

See the sites as they appear today and, when they are damaged, view them digitally restored as they looked hundreds or thousands of years ago.

At each stop, listen to one of the world’s experts explain what you are seeing. Use closed caption (CC) for translations into major languages.

Devices supported include smartphones, PCs, and VR goggles. Whatever the device, the content is the same and is streamed to you on demand 24/7.

Take a tour alone or as part of a Group supporting communication via pointing, texting, and speaking.

You access our tours through the free streaming app Yorescape™ available on the stores of Apple, Oculus, and Steam.

Individual and enterprise licenses are available.


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