Enlight Ed

Stand: FS20

Enlight Ed’s SaaS solution turns STEM exercise solving into a conversation, to deliver a 1 - on -1 learning experience for students in higher education.

With Enlight Ed's  no-code platform, you can build your own virtual assistant (chatbot) that turns your STEM exercise into a conversation. Your students receive guidance through the chat interface on how to approach a problem systematically. Hints and instructions on solving this problem are provided in an adaptive manner and the immediate feedback prevents misconceptions and increases the students confidence when a correct decision is made. Your students can track their own progress in real-time generated reports, while you, as an educator, receive in depth, actionable formative assessment data, so you can track the progress of your students and give targeted support. You can also collaborate with your colleagues and discuss your challenges with a community of educators.   

Website: https://enlighted.app/




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