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Empathy Week is a global schools programme that uses the power of film to develop the skill of empathy and leadership in every student each year. Since 2020 we have engaged 100,000 students in over 40 countries and across 6 continents - our mission, to build an #EmpathyGeneration.

Crucially, our programme is designed by qualified UK teachers, offering a whole-school and age-differentiated approach to developing empathy in the long term which includes films, assemblies, lessons and an empathy action project for every age from 5 to 18 years old.

Each year 5 human films are made and this year the theme is 'Passion and Purpose', focusing on 5 individuals from across the UK - Dami, Lipa, Kwasi, James and Courtney. Their stories are powerful insights into their lives and cover themes such as racism, the power of sport, immigration, resilience, leadership, having Downs Syndrome, gender equality, mental health and more.


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  • Building the #EmpathyGeneration in schools across the world. How Empathy Week is using the power of film to develop the crucial skill of empathy in students across the world.
  • Empathy Week 2022

    21 Feb 2022
    Join the global movement across schools to build the #EmpathyGeneration. A programme that builds the skill of empathy through 5 powerful human films and resources that are age-differentiated for stude ...
  • Empathy Week's Mission

    19 Aug 2021 Empathy Week
    Empathy Week uses the power of film to develop the skills of empathy and leadership each year in students across 40 countries and 6 continents.   
  • The trailer for Empathy Week 2022 and a first insight into the power of the films that will be shown across the world.
  • Schools information Pack 2022

    01 Sep 2021 Empathy Week
  • Come to stand NA74, watch our 2022 trailer and meet the Empathy Week team who are on a mission to develop the skill of empathy in students across the world through the power of film.
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