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EDClass is a remote learning application designed to help break barriers to learning. EDClass delivers online teaching through UK-qualified teachers and tutors using the personalised e-learning tools. EDClass offers learners live tutorial support and distance learning provision through a robustly safeguarded and supervised online platform, purposefully built to be flexible in its approach to learners. While also supporting the mental health and wellbeing of learners.

The assessment process and tools, designed by teachers for teachers, allows the platform to identify knowledge and skill gaps and target the learning journey around each learner's needs.

Not only does EDClass comply with UK government legislation for both on and off-site alternative provisions for academies, but this unique platform also gives you the tools to improve attendance in your setting. EDClass allows you to monitor and track the progress of your learners safely and securely online and help positively impact their attainment and attendance.


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  • The summer holidays have ended and schools have returned. EDClass can reduce students’ worries and concerns with their education and is ready to help for the new academic year.
  • Schools can be a daunting place for young students who are a part of the LGBTQ+2 community. EDClass, can help such students be educated in a fun, safe and all-inclusive environment.
  • Many students using EDClass have their own unique experience. When they’ve used the platform, it has had a positive impact on their learning and wellbeing.
  • Success in Leeds - Highlights of Online Learning

    05 May 2021 Emma Ryan of the Yorkshire Evening Post
    NEWS ARTICLE: Schools in Leeds under an academy trust vow to keep the best bits of online learning despite being back in the classroom.
  • PE Office Suite

    20 May 2020
    The PE Office delivers a high quality online platform dedicated for PE Teachers, departments, students, coaches and learners both practically and theoretically.
  • EDClass Assessments

    20 May 2020
    Our award-winning assessment process has been described as "a platform that provides a wealth of support for a range of education stakeholders. Its tailor-made pathways are an excellent feature, enabl ...
  • EDClass+

    20 May 2020
    EDClass+ offers a virtual learning classroom and management portal with resources to impact learning, assessment and catch-up. EDClass has been providing a robust and safeguarded platform for over 12 ...
  • Alternative Provision

    01 Sep 2021 EDClass
    EDClass and our online support system provides a great alternative provision for a range of students which adheres to Government safeguarding, well-being and supervision legislation
  • Our Process

    20 May 2020 EDClass
    EDClass can provide your students with vital learning resources within our amazing 5-step process that helps students continuously identify and improve upon learning skills gaps.
  • Intervention

    20 May 2020 EDClass
    Our intervention system at EDClass is tailored to individual students. This allows students to receive a flexible learning pathway that is specific to them and targeting the educational needs.
  • EDClass successfully impacts the learning outcomes of all students that use the platform especially for any extra curricular or learning clubs.
  • Teaching Support

    20 May 2020 EDClass
    EDClass offers a safe virtual learning environment with engaging; teaching, tutoring and well being support.
  • Jemma Marshall (Vice Principle) and Jenny Robey (Attendance Officer) answer some questions to show how EDClass has benefited their school and it's learners.
  • Multi Academy Trusts

    20 May 2020 EDClass
    EDClass is a proven platform that was designed especially for a whole MAT. Our virtual classroom delivers outcomes and destinations for your most all learners throughout your schools and the whole MAT
  • EDClass 2021 Brochure

    08 Nov 2021 EDClass
    Please download and view our latest brochure. 
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